Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lomo Kino

The lomography store in Hollywood closed down last month. I went in during their last weekend and picked up two new cameras.  The Diana F+ and the Lomo Kino (at a discount, of course).  They're both plastic cameras.  Here's a link to the lomokino:
And here's the film I shot, after processing in the kitchen and then scanning on my Epson V500.

Unfortunately some of the sprockets were torn in the camera while filming, so it fought going into the developing spool.  That's why there's some blobs of undeveloped bits (where the film rubbed against itself).

And here's a video from the film.  It took me ages to crop and align everything in photoshop.  Then, I exported them to premiere and make the avi file.  I double up the frames for fun.

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